Man’s Everything Everywhere All At Once themed proposal in movie theatre goes viral

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A man has gone viral for his elaborate and creative proposal, which was based on Everything Everywhere All at Once (EEAAO).

Daniel, who goes by the username @danyo_le, shared a video to TikTok about how he proposed to his girlfriend, Annie, in a movie theatre that he rented out. He noted that while his girlfriend just thought that they were going to watch EEAAO, he did some work beforehand and “edited a fake video with trailers”, which played before the film started.

As his girlfriend thought the movie was going to start, she could be seen staring at the movie screen, with her boyfriend describing her as looking “sus”. She continued to watch the apparent movie and questioned it for its “bad quality”.

Daniel then showcased the screen in the theatre, as the movie was a few minutes in. However, the scene then transitioned into an edited video of the film, where the TiTok user took the place of Ke Huy Quan’s character. Daniel’s movie proceeded to show him dressed up as other characters in EEAAO, including IRS agent Deidre, who’s played by Jamie Lee Curtis, and a fighting security guard, who’s played by Brian Le.

From there, it switched to a video of Daniel in a car, as he sent a message to Annie. The movies proceeded to show photos and videos of the couple together, while Daniel expressed how much his partner meant to him and her friends and family.

“I just want to show you how much I love you,” he said, as the videos of their memories continued to play. “I just feel so blessed to have found someone to laugh with, and cry with and grow with and get boba with. The way you love is so honest and so pure. It’s infectious. It’s shown me how to genuinely love someone as well, and yeah, I feel like your friends would agree.”

The edited clip went on to show footage of Annie’s loved ones greeting her. Once the film ended, Annie realised that her friends and family were in the audience of the theatre. The TikTok video ended with Daniel getting down on one knee and asking his girlfriend to marry him, before she said yes.

In the caption, he pointed out how he felt like his proposal was special, writing: “Theatre proposals have been done before but hopefully not an [Everything Everywhere All At Once] version.”

As of 29 March, the video has more than 2.3m views, with TikTok users in the comments praising the proposal and making references to the Oscar award winning movie.

“He found his person to do laundry and taxes with,” one wrote, while another added: “Not me crying, this is so funny, wholesome, and creative.”

A third added “This is amazing.”

Other viewers went on to applaud Daniel for the creative way in which he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

“It’s so nice to see men love this hard,” one wrote. “Your video and message to her had me tearing up, this is so sweet.”

“You set the bar too high,” another added. “I feel like a profound gentleman for getting a large popcorn.”

Curtis also shared a response to the viral proposal, as she reposted Daniel’s video to her own Instagram account. In the caption, she wrote: “EVEN BETTER THAN A FLASH MOB!”