Man drops off human jawbone at San Bernardino police station

San Bernardino County Sheriff Department.
The San Bernardino County coroner's office has determined that a jawbone left at the San Bernardino Police Department belonged to a human. (Rick Sforza / Associated Press)

A man walked into the San Bernardino Police Department on Thursday, dropped off some body parts, and left.

He left "what appeared to be deceased animal remains" — and a lower jawbone — at the department's public counter, according to authorities.

The Police Department said in a statement that "it was unclear at the time if the remains were real."

They were.

After the man left, police called the San Bernardino County coroner's office, which determined that, yes, the jawbone belonged to a human.

But the delivery man was gone. His identity? A mystery.

On Thursday, police released a photo of a bearded man in blue jeans walking with what looks to be a package in his left hand.

Police — including a homicide sergeant listed on the news release — did not immediately respond to calls for comment.

On Friday afternoon, the Police Department said in a tweet that a man had been located and identified. No other details were immediately available.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.