Man claims to have seen face of Jesus in Ikea restroom

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Man Finds Face Of Jesus In Ikea Restroom
Man Finds Face Of Jesus In Ikea Restroom

A man in Scotland claims to have seen the face of Jesus at Ikea.33-year-old Dave Simons was shopping at an Ikea furniture store in Scotland when he noticed a familiar face looking at him.

ikea jesus face
ikea jesus face

Credit: Dave Simons / REX

"I went in to the toilet and there it was on the main door when I put my hand out. I said, 'Oh my word, it's Jesus,'" he told the Daily Mail. "I tried to subtly snap a photo because the last thing you want is to be heard taking a photo in a toilet."

Some people spend their whole lives looking for Jesus -- Simons found him in a restroom.

While a divine face on a bathroom door might seem like a miracle, a reasonable explanation for Christ's "appearance" in the men's room is a common psychological phenomenon called pareidolia, in which you interpret a vague sight or sound as something significant -- like when you think you are seeing a smile appear in a bunch of random shapes on a piece of paper, despite the fact that there is little to no resemblance to an actual human face.

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