Man Claiming To Be John DeLorean’s Long Lost Son Says The Taliban Wants To Hire Him To Supply Knock-Off DeLoreans

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Ty DeLorean says his cars are attracting those who want to conquer the Afghanistan landscape.

The story of Ty DeLorean is an odd one. We first heard his name when learning that a man claiming to be John DeLorean’s long lost son, although we can’t confirm this anywhere, is being sued for for trademark infringement by a Texas company that owns the rights to the DeLorean Motor Company brand. Now he’s claiming the three wheel knock off cars that resemble the time machine cars are being looked at by none other than the Taliban.

Ty has been accused of trying to pass off his three wheel prototypes as legitimate DeLorean vehicles. He claims that movie companies, automakers, and the Taliban have all reached out to him to get their hands on the cars in question. Ty said that he received an email from the barbaric militant group showing interest and praise for his accomplishments.

“They emailed me saying they want to invest in and mass produce my cars,” Ty explained. “They want to use them for government officials and they said the head of the Taliban Hibatullah Akhundzada signed it off and I’m now dealing with his deputy and the transport minister.”

Afghani transport minister, Qudratullah Zaki, apparently told Ty, “The Civil Aviation of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan extends its compliments to you and your brilliant motor vehicle at Delorean motor company.

“Your amazing achievements were brought to my attention in your latest media interviews which has gone around the world and landed on my desk in a local newspaper.

“The LTA would like to move forward with investment in your business as we have strong ties with rural markets and we believe India is already interested in your product.”

The email says that Ty’s cars would be ideal for the roads of Afghanistan. To which Ty thinks, “In my ambition, which is sometimes bigger than reality, I’d like to see the vehicle as a peace symbol if you like like my father’s was. It could be used to negotiate with the Taliban and help get them to start dropping some of their hardline stances, and if they were to do that, maybe I could.”

So a three-wheeled DeLorean knock-off might become the new Hilux with the Taliban, interesting.

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