Man who allegedly shot and injured Excelsior Springs police officer dies

Andrea Klick

A man who allegedly shot at and wounded a police officer Saturday night in Excelsior Springs died after being fatally shot by another officer.

Carl J. Carrell, 65, of Excelsior Springs died after he allegedly shot at an officer and was then fatally shot in the head by another officer, said Sarah Boyd, a spokeswoman with the Clay County Sheriff’s Office, in a news release.

The two officers located Carrell around 5 p.m. Saturday in the parking lot of a Price Chopper near Kearney and Crown Hill roads, Boyd said. Carrell had a previous arrest warrant for allegedly assaulting a law enforcement officer, police said.

The officers tried to stop Carrell, but he pulled out of the parking lot onto Kearney Road, Boyd said. When both police vehicles tried to stop Carrell, police said Carrell fired at the officer in front of him, striking him in the shoulder and wrist.

The other officer in the vehicle behind Carrell fired back and hit Carrell in the head, Boyd said.

Both Carrell and the officer who was struck were taken to a hospital, Boyd said.

The officer had injuries that were not life-threatening. They are in stable condition, but require additional surgeries.

An investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Two teenagers at the scene said they heard about five to seven gunshots before the injured officer came to their car and asked for help putting a tourniquet on his arm.

“Both of the cops were pretty shaken,” William Donegan said. “I think everyone was shaken in this situation … It was quick but very tense.”

Paige Loveall, a cashier at the Price Chopper, said someone told her multiple police cars were monitoring a white truck in the parking lot as she was getting off her break.

When she came back to the store’s deli, Loveall, 26, said she saw smoke and the truck and police cars had left the parking lot. Someone told her it was from a gunshot, and she, along with other people in the parking lot, crouched down. She couldn’t make out how many shots there were.

Correction: Police initially misstated Carrell’s age. He was 65.