Man abandons Jeep with tires blown out, then dies after hit-and-run, Oklahoma dad says

Tulsa Police Department

A 20-year-old died on Monday, Aug. 15, more than a week after a hit-and-run left him in a coma, according to his Oklahoma family.

The man was identified by family members as Christopher Key, whose father described him as “the most selfless person” he has ever known.

For unknown reasons, Key was driving his white Jeep Liberty without both passenger side tires just after midnight on Sunday, Aug. 7, the Tulsa Police Department said. A witness saw sparks fly from behind the wheels as he drove on the Jeep’s rims, police said.

His father, Ben Key, said “something happened” that caused his son to drive the Jeep on its rims.

“He was trying to get away on just the rims,” Ben Key said in a Facebook post.

Christopher Key parked his Jeep in a parking lot, and as he was attempting to cross the street, he was struck by a Ford Fusion, police said. He suffered serious injuries and was put in a coma at the hospital, officers said.

His injuries included bleeding and swelling in his brain and a broken pelvis and broken arm, his dad told KOKI.

Police do not know who was driving the Fusion.

The father announced Christopher Key’s death in a Facebook post on Aug. 15.

“My sweet boy Christopher went to heaven,” Ben Key said. “We are all devastated and overwhelmed. I love him so much! He was the best son and brother that ever lived.”

What happened before the crash?

Police are still trying to determine why the 20-year-old was driving on his rims before leaving the Jeep.

At least five witnesses say they saw his Jeep “driving down the road, swerving and hitting curbs,” police said.

“As far as what happened to his car, prior to him being hit by a car, that’s where the gaining of the surveillance video and witness statements testimony, that’s where the slow down is, we’re trying to get that and piece those things together before he was hit on 91st street,” Lt. Paul Madden told KOKI.

Christopher Key’s father said his son was also assaulted by whomever struck him, but police said it has “zero evidence” to support that theory.

“Chris Key is the sweetest guy and this senseless violence was completely unwarranted,” his dad said.

The 20-year-old previously lived in Jupiter, Florida, where he was a member of the Jupiter Mustangs football team, according to a GoFundMe.

Police ask anyone with information on the Jeep Liberty or Ford Fusion to contact Tulsa Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

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