Malin Andersson warns of liposuction dangers

Malin Andersson has shared an image of her liposuction scars credit:Bang Showbiz
Malin Andersson has shared an image of her liposuction scars credit:Bang Showbiz

Malin Andersson has been left with "lumpy strange skin" seven years after having liposuction.

The 31-year-old 'Love Island' contestant used her experience to warn her followers about the dangers of cosmetic surgery in a candid post on Instagram in which she showed off patches of her tummy covered in scars, and insisted she doesn't want anyone else to make the "same mistakes" as she has done.

She wrote: "When you get liposuction seven years ago, have two babies but you still have lumpy strange skin on your stomach from it …

"Just a little warning to anyone that’s thinking of getting liposuction done, especially Turkey. This is seven years on.

"YOU LIVE AND YOU LEARN. Or I would have never evolved."

She went on to add: "Funny how I’ve learnt to love every part of me through ALL of the pain. I just don’t want anyone making the same mistakes I did."

It comes after Malin admitted she will no longer let the fear of "being judged" stop her from sharing lingerie or swimwear posts.

She added on Instagram: "So sadly I haven’t done my funny reels in lingerie or many posts in bikinis etc. God I even wore a t shirt in yesterdays reel cos I wanted to cover up. I was so scared of being judged about not looking the same - I’ve done a few stories but I seriously have hidden myself and I don’t even know why I let it bother me.

"Now that's sad. That isn't like me at all to care what people think. But isn't it mad it can go the opposite way?"

But now, Malin no longer “gives a flying monkeys” about what she shares on social media.

She added: "So today I woke up and thought I don't give a flying monkeys anymore because it's my body and I feel strong and mentally better... if I can inspire somebody to embark on better wellbeing and a strong body as long as it's healthy and you're happy then go for it. I will never shove any fitness or diet plan in any of your faces cos that’s not me.

"But all I can say is that exercise and eating lots of nourishing food has brought my head into the best place. Now queue all the sexy underwear pics honeys."