The making of the Peach Pit Podcast

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What do a girl from Kanesatake and a girl from Seattle, with more than 4,000 kilometres separating each other, have in common?

Fitness, music, cooking, comedy but most of all - podcasts!

The two unusual friends, who only met virtually through Twitter, decided to launch their very own podcast. The Peach Pit, a weekly show, was released on February 10 with Kanehsa ta'kehró:non Shaelyn Nelson and Seattleite Aleah Greeley as the hosts.

"We've been mutuals for quite some time now and we've kind of just been cheering each other on, so when I posted about wanting to start a podcast, Aleah

jumped onto the opportunity and said she'd love to co-host," said Nelson.

As women both in their mid-twenties, they wanted to explore topics that interest them and subjects that they want to learn more about. They explained that compared to YouTube or TikTok, the audio platform allows them to let their guard down.

They are able to speak freely about what's on their mind, without worrying about their faces being attached to their words. The Peach Pit Podcast falls under many umbrellas and has something for everyone, whether it addresses health issues, culture or even romantic fails.

Each week, the hosts choose a topic, and conversationally discuss various articles, books, TV shows and movies that have impacted their lives.

For Greeley, podcasts can almost become an intimate aspect of people's social life - an aspect she now also wants to be a part of. In the first episode, she explained how certain hosts even turn into a particular type of friend.

“Especially during this time period, when you are alone, it's adding voices and you are learn ing something either educational or about the life of another person," said Greely on the pilot episode called "Where Two Strangers Introduce Themselves." “That's so valuable."

Both women explained that they started to listen to podcasts at a time in their lives where they felt lonely, either while cooking, driving or cleaning.

"I used to listen to a lot of podcasts that had to do with CrossFit but I've definitely begun expanding what I listen to and so now I listen to podcasts that deal with health and comedy," said Nelson.

Surely, the Peach Pit result makes listeners feel like they are having drinks or tea with two best friends. The Peach Pit is a light show that is easily listenable while doing another task. However, the amateur hosts are not equipped with the latest recording tools and editing skills and podcast lovers will hear the difference.

Nelson explained that so far, it has been a learning process, as neither of them have any experience in radio or editing.

"We taped the first episode three times before we finally got it right," said Nelson, explaining that she does the editing and Greeley will send feedback before releasing the final version. “I am learning to edit as each week comes, but so far I am very happy with how well the episodes are turning out."

In a sea of podcasts, the three first episodes wouldn't necessarily stand out, but the outcome remains enjoyable. The two women actually succeed in keeping their listeners interested and curious about their different lives. Especially the third episode on being a late bloomer in relationships - who doesn't like a funny conversation about dating?

The Peach Pit has now more than 20 subscribers. Greeley and Nelson said they would love to get to a point where they could do Q&A with their listeners, and give advice.

"I would also love to learn more about myself through the process of making each episode and grow our friendship," said Greeley.

The Eastern Door recommends listening simply out of curiosity, but to be aware that the lovely personality of the hosts might trap you in.

Virginie Ann, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Eastern Door