Major injury sidelines 'Biggest Loser' contestant

Contestant Teri Aguiar sustained a serious injury on The Biggest Loser Tuesday night. She sustained the injury while competing in one of the show's physical challenges.

The former Miss Missouri had been doing well throughout the weight loss competition. But as she led her team on a challenge through an obstacle course, she twisted her ankle jumping into a mud pit. She yelled to her teammates, "It's snapped!"

The Medical team quickly pulled Teri out of the mud and later diagnosed her with a broken ankle. Despite the injury, she decided to work through the pain and limited movement to continue her weight loss journey. She ended up losing 6 lbs. by the end of the week and helping her team avoid elimination.

The injury may result in additional scrutiny for the relaunched show which was originally cancelled after slumping ratings and questionable circumstances. Recently, season 3 winner, Kai Hibbard came out against the show and its dangerous practices, saying "It's a miracle no one has died yet."

The original show ran until 2016 on NBC, and relaunched in 2020 on USA Network.