Maison Taskin Designs Sensual Phygital Fashion For Infinite Realities

Maison Taskin, a leader in blurring the lines between physical and digital, presented its Spring/Summer 2023 collection through a digitally-fuelled film at London Fashion Week in collaboration with the talent support program, On|Off London.

By utilizing AI technologies during every step of the design process, Maison Taskin transcends physical sartorial limitations and opens a previously invisible door for the fashion industry. The SS23 range offers ongoing identity shaping through endless variations of design.

Taskin Goec, the celebrated designer behind the label, is a pioneer in fusing virtual and material realities that expand fashion's frontier. The Berlin-based designer previously worked as a pattern cutter for Chanel's Métiers d'Arts before pursuing fashion design at Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin.

His eponymous label explores the limitless possibilities of design by merging CGI innovation and traditional pattern craftsmanship. Voluminous and gravity-defying silhouettes made from a layered assembly of two-dimensional cut shapes comprise the SS23 line-up.

Challenging all creative practices, the designer explores the democratization of fashion in the metaverse. In the show notes, Goec states, "I usually don't think of clothes first when I design but of a whole universe. In my workflow, I create spaces, and then, I think of the people who inhabit those spaces, what they like and fear, and lastly, what they'd wear."

The ubiquitous influence of Web3 is inevitably causing an unstoppable digital transformation in the fashion industry. For Goec, this is a time of transition, "The metaverse is a space where you choose surroundings and connect to your tribes. In physical reality, we do not always get to live in our favorite neighborhood or exclusively move in safe spaces."

"With this project, I explore new territories. Working with fragments of the past and present, I create a new universe - one that is both analogue and digital at the same time. I do not only question what fashion will look like in the near future, but also the role of the creative mind, the process, the surrounding," adds the designer.

Take a look at the presentation film below. In other digital design-related news, check out Josèfa Ntjam latest exhibition in at the Soho Photography Quarter.