Maison Margiela x Reebok Drop Classic Leather and Club C "Memory Of" Collab

Maison Margiela and Reebok expand their range with the release of the latest iterations of Classic Leather and Club C “Memory Of”. Entering a new phase of collaboration, the duo continues to explore the sneaker designs through the French luxury house’s practice known as the memory of.

The latest installment is set to follow in the footsteps of the previously-released offering but can be identified with its increased form of deconstruction and reassemblage. A leather paneling reveals a semi-transparent nylon underlay, while the unfinished toe box reiterates the sneakers’ theme. Standout detail also includes the zigzag stitches that can be spotted on the interiors. Elsewhere, colorways are kept minimal with either an all-black or all-white scheme.

The second version of the Classic Leather and the Club C “Memory Of” is designed to demonstrate a further exploration of the techniques that were utilized in the initial interaction by pushing the limits of deconstruction within frames of recognisability. With the direction of John Galliano, the duo denotes the new release encapsulates an impression of a familiar motif that is still evident within a garment or an accessory; an echo of something that once was, evoked within the creation of something new.

Take a detailed look at the new release in the gallery above. The Classic Leather and Club C “Memory Of” is now available at Maison Margiela’s store.