Maharashtra farmers start 'fresh fruit cake' movement; what's it about?

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Maharashtra farmers start 'fresh fruit cake' movement; what's it about?

Due to the agricultural ventures of the rural Maharashtra region, fruit growers in that area have begun a fresh fruit cake 'movement' that promotes fresh fruit cakes as a healthier alternative to bakery-made cakes. As per farmers and agricultural experts, the primary intention of this 'serendipitous' movement is to inspire farmers and their families to increase their intake of fruits in their diet and to discover a new method of trying to sell their produce during the pandemic.

It's about a modern farming project in rural Maharashtra that farmers have started to promote fresh fruit consumption and are initiatives to increase people's awareness of fresh fruit cakes as a healthier alternative to traditional patisserie cakes.

The campaign's inspiration

One of the main objectives of this movement is to inspire local farmers to eat a daily serving of fruits in COVID-19. This exciting development is that farmers and various organizations are involved, and institutions such as bakeries and people encourage baked goods that use local fruits, the same as banana, mango, watermelon, muskmelon grapes, or orange and pineapple.

The movement promotes the usage of a large reserve of produce and encourages local farmers to eat more fruits.

Movements and social networking sites

According to what the media is reporting, the movement has seen a boost in popularity on social media by various farmers' organizations instituting "fresh fruits cake" competitions based on the same concept. According to PTI, over 150 entries have already been received in a competition held by Hoy Amhi Shetkari, a farmers' organization, in which participants have applied all of their decorative and creative skills to make cakes with fruits.

The movement's concept

While the movement is currently limited to farm families, it is expected that this will soon be expanded to include the general public. In that capacity, it will have the ability to be a viable option for all fruit growers.

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