Magic The Gathering: The Brothers' War - A pedestrian's viewpoint that's more than meets the eye!

Welcome to our Collector Card Game Break. A little late to the game with opening The Brothers War in celebration of MTG 30th Anniversary. Oh Hasbro, what are you doing to our game. I have said this on a few occasions but I am thinking the game will cease to exist from a manufacturer standpoint, but may continue to exist on the secondary market similar to how starcraft took on a life of its own, with the die hard fans continue to play. I think with all the cards that's out there, there's definitely an ability to do this. I mean 30 years worth of cards right? Anyways, we're opening 2 set and 2 collectors boosters just to give our audience a sense of what a casual collector/player can expect. The best thing about the collector boosters.....the Transformers!! Some of my facts are definitely incorrect (ie. quicksilver is not from Tempest but rather Urza's Legacy). Collector Packs cost about $35 CAD, and Set boosters were about $5 Well I hope you like the content. Let me know what you think about the set, about the cross over and about the debacle that is Hasbro Have a great week!