Did this magazine fat-shame Ben Affleck with Homer Simpson comparison?

Alice Sholl

A few days ago, The New Yorker published an article which discusses Ben Affleck’s body in minute detail — and the internet is not happy about it.

The piece, titled “The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck” talks about Affleck’s “gut pooching outward,” and even appears to compare the actor and filmmaker to Homer Simpson.

Consider this description of a rather unflattering photo which recently surfaced of the film star.

The article seemed to compare the actor to Homer Simpson. (Photo: PA)

“His gut is pooching outward in a way that, in a more enlightened country like, say, France, would perhaps be considered virile, not unlike the lusty Gérard Depardieu in his prime but, in fitness-fascist America, tends to read as Homer Simpsonesque,” wrote Naomi Fry. 

“A blue-gray towel is wrapped protectively around his midsection — recalling a shy teen at the local pool,” the piece continued. “Staring at the water before him, his gaze obscure and empty, Affleck is a defeated Roman senator… The image suggests not just the fall of Affleck but the coming fall of man.”

The focus on his physique and comparison to caricatures of fatness have led internet users to believe that yes, The New Yorker is body-shaming Affleck.

The actor’s weight is under scrutiny. ((Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CinemaCon)

It is the most mean-spirited article I’ve read in a long time,” wrote one Twitter user.

“He has struggled with alcohol addiction, which you managed to leave out,” read another comment. “So low-level, I will not be subscribing to The New Yorker — ever.”

“A piece which seemed to have no other point than to body-shame a person who feels depressed,” added a critic. “A low moment for anything resembling journalism.”

“This is no article, this is not news, this is you body-shaming a man that works hard,” chimed in another unhappy reader.

Others, however, didn’t agree, and one commenter said that the piece was “beautiful.”

“Laughing out loud for far too long,” one reader wrote. “I love everything about this piece.”

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