MAFS UK's Erica and Jordan share plans for big relationship milestone

Married at First Sight UK stars Erica Roberts and Jordan Gayle have shared their plans for a big relationship milestone.

The couple got together during the experiment in the eighth series of the E4 reality show, and have gone on strong ever since.

With their relationship now past the six-month stage, the pair revealed to The Mirror that they were eyeing up another milestone - moving in together!

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“We're just in between at the moment,” said Jordan. “We want to be based in Manchester - we want to get a place there as soon as we can. Probably after the fight with [co-star] Luke [Worley], you know. It's going to be February time.

“I think for me when that next chapter comes where we've got our own house and we call the same place home, I think that will really feel like this is the next big chapter and it'll feel much more settled for me and much more like, 'We've got there'.”

Jordan also spoke about the experiment as a whole, which saw their relationship play in reverse as they go back to their normal lives after spending time together.

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“What's weird is that it was such an unnatural step back because me and Erica loved living with each other in the apartment,” he explained. “That's why you saw me upset on the episode when I left - not only because I had the best time there but because change does stress me.

“I was worried about that - I was getting sad at the anticipation that me and Erica [might] never live together again. There's so much we have to get through, and we have got through a lot. I feel like once we're living together again, that's when I'll feel like we've got through it all.”

Married at First Sight UK airs on E4 in the UK. Married at First Sight Australia airs on Nine Network in Australia and E4 in the UK.

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