Madonna Raps About Spending Money on 'Material Gworrllllllll!' Remix with Viral Star Saucy Santana

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Madonna, Saucy Santana
Madonna, Saucy Santana

Getty (2) Madonna, Saucy Santana

Madonna is still living in a material world.

On Friday, the legendary pop superstar breathed new life into her 1984 hit single "Material Girl" with the release of "Material Gworrllllllll!" — a new remix that mashes up the Like a Virgin album track with rapper Saucy Santana's viral smash of the same name.

Produced by Mike Dean and Johnny Goldstein, "Material Gworrllllllll!" opens with Madonna, 63, showing off her rap skills on a verse about her expensive taste. "I'm not fancy, I just love fancy s--- / Make a budget disappear like a magic trick / Make him buy me everything, I don't have to pick / Only hold a conversation if the bag is thick," she says on the track.

The Queen of Pop then sings a pre-chorus expressing pride at her knack for the finer things in life and shading individuals who can't relate: "A material girl is not tasteless / A material girl is my favorite / I'm a material girl, so don't waste this / If you're not a material girl then you basic."

For the rest of the song, "Material Gworrllllllll!" combines elements of Madonna's iconic track with 28-year-old Santana's hugely viral early single, which has been featured in over 1.1 million TikTok videos since its 2019 release.

Madonna and Santana first debuted the remix during a live performance at "WoW, Finally Enough Love," a variety show hosted by the "Hung Up" diva at Terminal 5 in New York City for LGBTQ+ Pride Month in June.

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"I wish that I can have this moment for LIFE," wrote Santana on Instagram at the time alongside a video from the performance. "These past weeks w/ you have been nothing short of amazing! @madonna thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I silently learned so many great things from you."

"Thank you for choosing ME! A queer, fem, black boy w/ talent and vision I didn't know God had for me," continued the former Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star. "Thank you God for NEVER letting my lit [sic] dim and to be keep shining. Finally ENOUGH Love!"

"Material Gworrllllllll!" marks the latest remix from Madonna that aims to revamp one of her classic hits. It was released the same weekend as Beyoncé's "The Queens Remix" of her new single "Break My Soul," which features Madge, heavily samples 1990's "Vogue" and reimagines its spoken word rap as a tribute to her Black peers and predecessors in the music industry.

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Madonna also recently dropped several remixes of 1998's "Frozen" after a remix of the track by producer Sickick went viral on TikTok last year.

In a recent interview with Variety, the prolific musician said she's currently on the hunt for "interesting, fun ways" to rerelease her catalog and "introduce my music to a new generation."

"The whole thing with 'Frozen' was so fun, but I woke up one day and went, 'I'm sick of living in the past!'" she told the outlet. "I want to go on tour again, I'm a creature of the stage. That is my happy place."