M3GAN can't sleep, can kill, and can obviously dance in new trailer

Between directing the original Saw film and his stewardship of the Conjuring franchise, filmmaker James Wan may have done more to make dolls scary than anyone who ever lived. He's now continuing his mission with the killer robot movie M3GAN, which he produced with Jason Blum, the new trailer for which you can see below.

Directed by Gerard Johnston (2014's terrific Housebound), the movie stars Allison Williams (Girls, Get Out) as Gemma, a toy company scientist who gives her recently orphaned 8-year-old niece, Cady (Violet McGraw), a lifelike robot doll named M3GAN that is designed to be a child's greatest companion.

As M3GAN and Cady develop a seemingly unbreakable bond, Gemma grows concerned that her creation may be perceiving "threats" to Cady that do not exist.


Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures 'M3GAN'

The film became a viral sensation earlier this year following the release of its first trailer, which showcased the doll's wild dance moves. Luckily, this new clip also features some of her top-notch choreography.

M3GAN was written by Akela Cooper and based on a story by Cooper and Wan. The film's cast also includes The Daily Show comedian Ronny Chieng.

M3GAN hits cinemas Jan. 6. Watch the film's new trailer below.

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