2 Big Data Center Acquisitions and What Investors Need to Know

·5 min read

CyrusOne (NASDAQ: CONE) is being taken private and in this Fool Live video clip, recorded on Nov. 16, Fool.com contributors Matt DiLallo and Matt Frankel, along with editors Deidre Woollard and Kayla Schorr, discuss why we're seeing so much interest in the data center space and why CyrusOne's acquirers were so interested. Deidre Woollard: Yesterday was the biggest day ever in data center history because you had the top one and two biggest acquisitions ever in data centers happening on the same day for a total of $25 billion when you put the two deals together, so just a massive day and there were two other acquisitions that we'll talk about as well but I know that you've talked a lot about real estate, M&A, and things like that over this past year.

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