Why Airline CEOs Suddenly Walked Back Their 5G Concern

·3 min read

It hasn't been long since national news headlines were focused on how major airlines were warning that the 5G rollout by wireless carriers would cause massive flight disruptions and potentially dangerous technical issues with airplane altimeters. In this episode of "Motley Fool's Metal and Power Half-Hour" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on Jan. 25, Fool.com contributor John Bromels talks about how the crisis ended as quickly as it arrived. John Bromels: A group of airlines CEOs, including the CEOs of pretty much most major passenger airline corporations in the United States, has just sent a letter to the FAA, the FCC, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, among others, saying that they were not ready for the 5G rollout, which at the time was scheduled to have happened a week ago tomorrow, so last Wednesday.

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