China Evergrande Disaster: Protecting Your Portfolio From Over-Leveraged Companies

·11 min read

After seeing China Evergrande (OTC: EGRN.F) on the edge of financial collapse, investors may be wondering if any stocks in their portfolios are vulnerable to a similar risk. In this video clip from "The 5," recorded on Sept. 24, contributors Brian Withers, Jason Hall, Neil Patel, and Demitri Kalogeropoulos discuss the importance of diversification and other essential strategies for long-term investors. If you're familiar, I don't know if, Jason, you've talked about this topic this week, I certainly haven't, but China Evergrande, what they call, got a little bit over its skis, got a little bit of aggressive with its debt and tried deduce its growth, and it got into a bit of a bind.

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