I’m a Celebrity airs unexpected washing-up row for Fred, Josie and Nella

nick pickard, danielle harold, josie gibson on i'm a celebrity
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I'm a Celebrity spoilers follow.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! has aired an unexpected argument between Fred Sirieix and washer uppers duo Josie Gibson and Nella Rose.

The First Dates maître d' seemed to have an issue with the way the pots had been washed in Thursday's episode. Josie and Nella Rose tried to remind Fred the jungle wasn't exactly the easiest environment to get all crockery squeaky clean, but the situation got a little heated when Fred insisted everything needed to be rewashed.

"If I ever get in charge, I'm really going to shake things up," Josie said in the Bush Telegraph later on. "I'm going to put Fred on pot wash. Not because I don't like Fred, I love Fred, but he uses so many pots and pans, I don't think he appreciates the pot wash."

fred siriex on i'm a celebrity

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Fred was adamant the cleanliness standard was to remain high regardless of the circumstances.

"For the washing up though, we have to have a standard and the standard has to be 10/10 every time," he said. "Because there's only one kind of clean."

He added: "Every single item was dirty. It's unacceptable."

But even Fred wasn't immune to a little slip-up when he inadvertently threw the remaining bits of stock cube on the fire whilst tidying up.

"Oh f**k. I think it's a stock cube," Fred realised, before proceeding to tell the group.

"I put the stock cube in the fire by mistake," he told his campmates.

"Everything was so dirty and I started to clean it again and unfortunately I threw the stock cube on the fire," he then said in the Bush Telegraph. "Oh well, Ronaldo can miss a penalty, I can throw a stock cube on the fire."

nick pickard, danielle harold, josie gibson on i'm a celebrity

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Meanwhile, camp leader Sam Thompson, who was amused by the lighthearted row, announced that Fred will be joined by EastEnders' Danielle Harold as his sous-chef following Jamie Lynn Spears' exit.

"But we can't leave out the washer uppers," Sam continued, before choosing Hollyoaks star Nick Pickard to lend a hand to the ladies.

"Nick you are also going to, in place of Jamie Lynn, do two things — camp maintenance — but also helping the ladies carrying the washing up down there… but you can't do the washing up. You can carry it down and bring it up."

Despite being entertained by the drama unfolding in the jungle, Sam acknowledged it was important to maintain a relaxed, cooperative atmosphere, saying: "We need to keep the peace between washer uppers and Fred."

Will the gang keep quarreling like fed-up housemates in an overcrowded flat? There's only one way to find out.

I'm a Celebrity… airs on ITV1 and ITVX.

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