Lyft driver’s wife gets strange message and learns he was kidnapped, Nebraska cops say

Jeff Chiu/AP

Police in Nebraska and Iowa are working together after a Lyft driver said he was kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to drive across states.

A woman called Lincoln police around 4 p.m. Nov. 4, concerned about her husband. The woman told police she received a “strange” message from her husband and when she tried to call back there was no answer, police told KLKN.

The man’s phone was pinged to a cellphone tower on a highway near Waverly, Nebraska, but police could not find him there, KOLN reported.

Later that evening, the Cass County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa got a report from a caller saying he was flagged down on the roadside by a man who said he was kidnapped, according to a news release.

Police say the man told them he was kidnapped at gunpoint in Lincoln, Nebraska, and told to drive to Chicago.

He told police that on the way to Chicago the suspect told the man to pull over in Iowa. He said the suspect got out and “pulled a gun on another vehicle driving by and entered the second vehicle at gunpoint,” the release said.

The second vehicle is described by police as a two-door, silver Chevy pickup truck.

“Our office is continuing to collaborate with additional law enforcement agencies to verify factual evidence pertaining to this incident. No additional parties involved have been identified at this time,” the Cass County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities are asking anyone who has a family member from that area who has not returned home to contact them.

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