Luxury-Focused Media Agency and Outlet, Surroundings Group, Has Announced Team Expansion in 2023

Tampa, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - February 3, 2023) - Surroundings Group, a contemporary and luxury-centered media outlet/agency is excited to be announcing its latest development plans for the upcoming year regarding the further utilization of their social media platforms and newly designed website. This new technological growth is the start of the company working to bring brand partners more content catered to their wants and needs as well as offer consumers the ease of access to transactions taking place over social media platforms. Surroundings Group is also showing continued growth and reaching into several new industries, hoping to leave a lasting footprint within the communities in which it functions within.

The agency, which started exclusively within the Yachting industry, has since transformed into an outlet that offers "niche specific" content and digital media services to multiple luxury verticals including but not limited to Real Estate, Resorts, Yachting, Exotic Vehicles and Luxury Goods. Founded by Brandon Chapman and Billy Pavlock, Surroundings Group is looking forward to this expected control over social media platforms as they broaden their horizons and hope to touch several new industries.

Surrounding Group's subsidiary company, known as Nautical Network is also expecting to see some growth this year, as they have recently, after two years in the industry, been listed as one of the only network providers that offers content production and digital media services to some of the most reputable companies in the maritime industry.

"We hope to continue our influence on the industry," express Chapman and Pavlock. "Because our combined following is upwards of 4M people, we have the ability to collect data to help our partners with R&D, increase awareness to new buyers and distribute their content to their ideal audience." The niche way in which they provide their services is how Surroundings Group and Nautical Network hope to see their follower count rise. The growth of followers is integral to this industry's success, as they are utilizing digital marketing strategies that are sweeping the nation, with the rise of popularized platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram.

Reports show that the United States is the largest digital advertising market in the world, as the country had the highest revenue in the digital advertising market in 2021. The reports go on to explain that digital advertising spending in the U.S. is projected to grow in the next few years, expecting to reach nearly $153 billion by 2024.

Following the trends of social media, Surroundings Group is working to utilize their web presence to feature more prominently the ease of transactions between consumers and luxury goods. With a library of exclusive and behind the scenes content, Surroundings Group thrilled to be able to offer their audience the chance to experience and capture notable pieces that other companies usually would not have access to. Surroundings Group and its subsidiary company Nautical Network continue to make strides at challenging the status quo of traditional marketing agency practices when it comes to both clients and team member overall satisfaction.

Surroundings Group operates within three uniques: Industry Specificity, Influence, and Network. The brand maintains a deep understanding of market trends and the mistakes that come with a team that doesn't understand the buyer. They engage with a community of over 4.3 million active users through their social media platforms, which broadens their scope of brand growth for their clients. Many of their clients have also leveraged their increased social media presence to secure additional funding or as a key component of their value proposition when selling their company

With social media on the rise among the next generation of homebuyers, Surroundings Group is working to have a unique hold on the market, utilizing their already extensive community of followers. Their clients are offered a new style of property hunting and buying, as the days of the open house could be dwindling with luxury property buyers offered the chance to see the inside of their next home from the comfort of their couch.

"Our vision throughout the next 5 years," Chapman starts, "is to have an even greater global footprint when it comes to our brand and territory of services that we provide. Our vision is to bring the freelance and agency model together to create something that wins for everybody." Their wide presence on social media will give the company an increased foothold on the industry in which it operates.

As Surroundings Group prepares for its next year, the company looks forward to the future with optimism. Their projected expansion into several new markets is a thrilling opportunity for the team to branch off into territories that have since been unfamiliar.

Surroundings Group is a contemporary and luxury-centered media outlet/agency that originated exclusively within the Yachting industry, but has since been making strides into several new markets. The agency is preparing for its latest expected expansion for 2023. For more information regarding Surroundings Group, Nautical Network, or any of the company's partnered or subsidiary partners, visit their website and see their social media pages.

Brandon Chapman/Co-Founder


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