Lucy Hale in Blonde Water Waves Was Not on My November Bingo Card

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It's been a surprisingly long time since we've seen Lucy Hale experiment with her hair. After a few months as a redhead in 2020 followed by about half a year as a sandy bronde, she went back to brown in August 2021 and has been a brunette ever since. And we honestly don't blame her for sticking to it — she looks absolutely stunning with a dark, rich hue. But considering that she looks amazing in any hair color, we also understand the urge to play around a bit, like she did in a new shoot.

Hale posted a carousel of beautiful photos shot by Emman Montalvan for Only Natural Diamonds, and if you didn't know it was her, you might not believe it. In the pictures, she wears a silk and lace nightgown and — of course — diamonds, but our eyes immediately darted to her hair.

The actor is wearing a wet-look version of trendy water waves, but not on her usual brunette shade. Instead, she's got a buttery blonde lob styled by Renato Campora — a modern take on a classic bombshell look, especially with the barely-there, glowy-complected makeup look by Jenna Kristina.

“The day called for vintage Celine & blonde wigs,” Hale wrote in the caption, so we know it's not a dye job. But that hasn't stopped fans from complimenting her new — albeit temporary — look.

“You can wear every hair color 🫶🏻🫶🏻,” one follower commented, while another wrote, “You look like a fairytale princess. So incredible 🥹🥹.”

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Hale looks gorgeous as a blonde. She's played around with golden looks before, like this one with shadow roots back in 2019.

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Lucy Hale 2019

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So needless to say, if this wig has her itching to go lighter again with actual bleach, she can be sure she'll look phenomenal.

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