Atrocious tackle sparks wild brawl in Argentinian league

Chris Young
Sports Reporter

Sporting fans across the world have been left shocked and bemused by a wild brawl that broke out in a fourth-division football league in Argentina.

An absolutely massive all-in brawl was instigated by a terrible tackle from Social Atletico Television player Lucas Torres.

Torres came nowhere near the ball in his attempt to tackle, sending his opponent straight to the deck in agony and prompting his furious teammates to swiftly retaliate.

ESPN’s Argentinian desk described it as the ‘worst tackle of the year’, while the play and subsequent brawl drew a bemused reaction from football fans online.

Fists started flying almost immediately after the tackle, with two player seen kicking one another at one point in the wild brawl.

Unsurprisingly, the game was called off after the fracas, with both teams retreating to their rooms once players had settled down.

A horrific tackle led to a wild brawl in a fourth-division football league in Argentina. Picture: Twitter/@RGonzalezCBS

The two sides continued to hurl insults at one another even after the tension eased somewhat.

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