LSU bride pranks groom's Alabama cake in the worst way possible

One Alabama fan got pranked by his wife on their wedding day. (Screengrab via New Orleans Tours Center on Youtube)

Weddings are supposed to be joyous celebrations where two families come together to support those they love. But as one Alabama fan learned, that support doesn’t extend to intense sports rivalries.

He  found that out the hard way after cutting into a cake from his LSU fan bride on their wedding day.

How did the LSU bride prank her Alabama-loving husband?

As a sign of the two sides coming together, the groom was given an Alabama-themed cake. As he cuts into the cake, you can see him hesitate and back away. That’s when his bride steps in and reveals the inside of the cake features LSU colors. The LSU fans in attendance then begin to chant,”LSU, LSU, LSU.”

Alabama and LSU have an intense rivalry

Both Alabama and LSU play in the SEC, so the two football teams play quite often. Alabama has a 52-25-5 record against LSU in the all-time series. The team has won the past seven games it has played against LSU.

The wedding cake trick may not count in the standings, but we have to consider it Alabama’s first loss to LSU in years.

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