“LPBW”'s Amy Roloff Admits Ex Matt Roloff Will Have 'an Impact on Me' Until 'the Day I Die'

As Amy worked through her emotions about her ex, Matt's fiancée Caryn admitted she and Amy will forever share a bond because both they both "have Matt in common"

Thos Robinson/Getty (L) Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff
Thos Robinson/Getty (L) Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff

Even as they move on with engagements and new spouses, Amy Roloff will always hold a piece of her marriage to Matt Roloff with her.

On Tuesday's episode of Little People, Big World, Amy admitted that she felt "still kind of awkward" around her ex-husband Matt's fiancée Caryn Chandler as they met to go over a fundraiser they were planning on the farm.

While Amy, 61, explained that she didn't want to hear the personal details of Caryn and Matt's relationship, she added that holding onto any drama was "not necessary" and didn't "serve anything."

Still, she confessed that "Matt and I's situation" still has an "impact on me, because it'll always impact until the day I die. But, you know, you just do the best you can."

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Caryn, on the other hand, revealed that her relationship with Amy has been "good."

"I think there's been some history where she had a lot of feelings about the farm and her space and I totally got that," she said, before noting that she had "true respect" for Amy's sense of maturity. "And so I'm just glad that she made the choice to embrace the relationship with Matt and I because it's made all of our lives easier."

<p>getty, matt roloff/instagram</p> (L-R) Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler

getty, matt roloff/instagram

(L-R) Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler

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Though the two may not yet be the best of friends, Caryn went on to tell cameras that she's "always liked Amy" as she listed off the qualities they both share.

"We're roughly the same age and we're both a little forgetful and maybe a little clumsy. And I mean, for God's sake, we're both married to the same guy!" she laughed. "I'm not married yet. But you know what I mean?"

"We've both been with Matt forever and no matter whatever happens, Amy and I will have Matt in common, the good, the bad, the whatever," she added.

<p>Matt Roloff/Instagram</p> Matt Roloff with Caryn Chandler

Matt Roloff/Instagram

Matt Roloff with Caryn Chandler

In February, Amy confessed that she and Caryn were unlikely to ever become friends but shared how they both go out of their way to be friendly towards each other.

“We’re cordial, we’re respectful,” Amy told Us Weekly. “We can be in each other’s company. We can enjoy that time. I wouldn’t say we’re going to be best friends or anything.”

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Amy — who was married to Matt for 28 years up until their divorce in 2015 — knew Caryn for years prior to their romance because she worked at the Roloff Family Farm.

“I never wanted to have anything to do with them, but yet I’m still doing a show with them,” she said of the couple, who became engaged after nearly six years of dating. “But, that is like a job. So, time changes things and you grow up or you have a different perspective on it.”

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