Lovesick caller asks how to get over their exes

Katie Mather
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Welcome to the Love Hotline! Drag queens Jujubee and Thorgy Thor are answering your burning questions about navigating the world of dating. Whether it be over video chat or good old-fashioned letters, your two favorite queens have got you covered with their entertaining “expert” advice!

For this episode of Love Hotline, CJ fills in Jujubee and Thorgy Thor about their hang ups over their previous exes — that’s right, multiple.

“I’m hoping for some advice on how to move on,” CJ tells the hosts. “There’s three that I would say, like, we were ‘officially’ dating.”

“So you guys broke it off and you can’t stop thinking about them?” Thorgy asks to clarify.

“Well it was less like a ‘we breaking it off’ situation and more like a ‘them dumping me‘ situation,” CJ says.

“You are gorgeous, you are beautiful, you seem like a catch,” Thorgy responds. “I say, wake up every morning and throw your hair back and just take on every day being like, ‘I am powerful and incredible and a catch.'”

Thorgy also suggests that completely ridding CJ’s mind from the memories of their exes is not feasible nor necessary for moving on. CJ can keep the happy memories and still continue dating.

“Be your best self, CJ,” Thorgy concludes.

“Accept it and move forward my love,” Jujuebee chimes in.

This week’s question involves an anonymous person writing in to say that them and their partner have no secrets, except for one big one that they’ve been keeping hidden — is it worth telling them?

Another person writes in saying that they want to be polyamorous, but a guy they’ve started dating cannot accept the lifestyle. Is this the end?

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