Love Island's Tyrique addresses "struggles" in Ella relationship amid split reports

tyrique hyde, ella thomas, national television awards 2023
Love Island's Tyrique addresses Ella "struggles"Getty Images

Love Island star Tyrique Hyde has addressed his relationship with Ella Thomas amid claims that they have split up.

The pair came third on the recent summer series of the ITV2 reality show, though reports emerged recently alleging that they parted ways. However, it is also claimed that they are trying to make it work again.

Appearing recently on Capital Xtra, Tyrique was asked about the "struggles" of having a relationship in the limelight, the star criticising trolls that have targeted them amid their desire for privacy.

tyrique ella, love island 2023

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“Our relationship is between us, what goes on behind closed doors, it’s only us two," he replied. "But people like to put in their little input in the DMs sometimes, in the request on the social media. It’s jarring.

"I don’t know what they’re trying to do, I think they’re just sitting at home with their Twitter fingers going crazy."

Tyrique also spoke a bit about some difficulties given it is his first proper relationship, explaining: "Obviously first relationship is hard because I’m not used to it but it’s going well, I’m enjoying it and I’m learning on the job sort of thing.

"But like you said – a lot of people is involved in it. I think it’s definitely more difficult when a lot of people are involved in your relationship, especially when it’s your first one. I’m a strong guy, I’ll get through it."

tyrique hyde, ella thomas, national television awards 2023
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Tyrique and Ella's series was won by Sammy Root and Jess Harding, who have since split up, and Sammy recently spoke about working on himself since the break-up.

"Obviously, it didn't work out the best between me and Jess but at the same time, right now, I'm just really focusing on myself," he told The Mirror. "Trying to get the best outcome and enjoying life, and yeah, just working on Sammy really."

He added: "Right now, it's still very soon, all I'm really bothered about right now is working on myself and having the best sort of outcome for me."

Love Island airs on ITV2 and streams on ITVX. Love Island Games will air on Peacock in the US.

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