Love Island's Mitch Taylor and Zach Noble deny homophobia accusations

Love Island's Mitchel Taylor and Zachariah Noble have denied accusations of homophobia made against them after they attended an influencer event.

Mitch took to his TikTok page to respond to influencer Ashleigh Huish, who claimed she saw two male Islanders at the re-opening of Space NK's Duke of York store in London last week. She didn't disclose their identities, but criticised their behaviour at the event, alleging one of them threw money at a homeless person and was homophobic.

In his video, Mitch acknowledged the claims were made against him and apologised to Zach, whom he said has been "dragged" into them.

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Speaking about his alleged homophobia, Mitch recalled speaking to an influencer, telling them, "I fancied you when you were straight".

"I can come across as being homophobic," he said in the video, adding: "I'm really bad with words sometimes, I was just nervous to meet this person. I am a fan of them."

"I do apologise, it's just sometimes when I'm in scenarios like that I can't really get my words out correctly, and I was just trying to be as respectful to that person as I could and I kind of got it completely wrong."

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Mitch then said he gave money to a homeless person as "a kind gesture", denying having thrown cash at them.

"That is completely false, I didn't throw any money at a homeless person. It was a kind gesture to give a homeless person money and it has been twisted into an evil act and it's not true," he said.

Finally, Mitch claimed he told Zach that they were "the most famous people in here" as "a bit of banter", though recognised the joke didn't land as other people, including Sabrina Elba and Louise Redknapp, were in attendance.

Meanwhile, Zach posted on his Instagram Stories, denying that the accusations had anything to do with him as he wasn't there when the incident happened.

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"Never in my life have I been homophobic, and any insinuation of this is extremely wrong and hurtful," he wrote.

"I am truly saddened to hear that someone was upset that evening, but this had nothing to do with me. I wasn't even present at the time of this incident/misunderstanding."

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