Love Island's Michael Griffiths rushed to hospital after throat closed up

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Photo credit: Instagram/michaelgriffiths
Photo credit: Instagram/michaelgriffiths

Michael Griffiths was rushed to hospital after his throat closed up with hay fever, the Love Island star has revealed.

Taking to Instagram Stories, 2019 contestant Michael explained his sister and a paramedic advised that he seek professional help after suffering from extreme symptoms. He explained after leaving hospital, "So, as you can tell my voice has gone back to normal, but I’ll give you a little update.

“My hay fever was so bad yesterday it was like my throat closed up. I did go to A&E thanks to Danny [Williams] there, who took me to A&E. They quoted a six-hour wait. I mean, my throat’s closing up."

He continued: "Anyway, they sent an ambulance, the paramedic called me, and then she said that I was of no concern – no imminent concern of harm – so she told me to just go to bed and chill out. So I took another antihistamine and I woke up like this. Oh yeah, it’s back."

Michael later added, "I did have to sleep sat up though as recommended by the paramedic & my sister."

This comes following reports that hay fever is much worse this year. As Dr Naveen Puri, Associate Clinical Director at Bupa Health Clinics told Cosmopolitan, "Over the last year, social distancing restrictions have meant that we’ve spent more time indoors than perhaps we usually would.

"As a result, you may have been exposed to less pollen than usual, and this could make your hay fever feel worse."

Eek. Feel better soon, Michael!

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