Love Island’s Lana finds herself in love triangle after recoupling regrets

Love Island’s Lana Jenkins has found herself embroiled in a love triangle following her surprising recoupling decision.

Despite choosing to couple up with with bombshell Casey O’Gorman on Sunday, the 25-year-old make-up artist from Luton admitted she would rather be sharing a bed with her former love interest Ron Hall.

As the dust settled following Lana’s decision to recouple with recruitment consultant Casey, 26, Ron pulled her aside for a chat and said: “I still want you. I still want to be with you because I still really care for you.

“My feelings for you, they’re not disappearing.”

Speaking in the beach hut, 25-year-old financial adviser Ron added: “I want to fight for her. I want to get her back. Obviously, my feelings haven’t changed. But, I’m not going to be that guy, I’m not going to beg it.”

Having previously told her new partner Casey that she was happy with her decision, Lana later told her fellow female islanders: “If I’m being honest, being in bed with Casey, I was like, this doesn’t feel right.

“I just wanted to be in bed with Ron.”

Later in Monday evening’s episode, the islanders took part in the Ladiator Challenge, which saw the boys don gladiator outfits, deliver a bold speech, flex their muscles for the girls and then choose a girl to carry around a course on a chariot.

After completing the course, each boy had to place the girl of their choice on a royal throne and finish with a kiss.

Both Casey and Ron opted to choose Lana, with Ron telling his current friendship couple Tanyel Revan: “You’re my princess but I’m here to get my queen.”

Ron later admitted: “I didn’t expect myself to even do what I did, something just came over me and I though f*** it, let’s just cause some beef.”

Following the challenge, Lana shared her delight at Ron’s choice. In the beach hut, she said: “I wasn’t sure where Ron was going to go during the challenge.

“But, he’s fought for me and it’s actually nice to see that he’s trying so hard.”

Unlike Lana, Casey left the challenge feeling less than impressed and after previously saying he felt he was “living rent free in Ron’s head” decided to approach his rival for a chat.

Casey told Ron: “It just feels a bit sly… You’re now moving towards her, but you haven’t even said that to me.”

Ron replied: “She is the girl I still have feelings for and she is the girl I fancy the most in here.”

An increasingly frustrated Casey said: “It just seems weird to me that you picked her and you’re joking around battling me. Your intention is obviously still there with her and that is what I’m confused about.”

Speaking in the beach hut, Casey appeared more confident, saying: “It’s obviously going to take more than just a challenge to take Lana away.”

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVX.