Love Island fans are calling this the most awkward moment from the Reunion

Love Island fans are cringing over a specific clip of Rosie and Casey from the Reunion episode, claiming they did not look super comfortable together with Maya Jama. Eek.

OK, so last night's Love Island Reunion was a lot. From Shaq calling Martin out over comments he made about Tanya to Ron and Lana addressing what actually happened on their flight home. Fans were also feeling pretty awkward about a certain moment for Rosie and partner Casey.

When host Maya Jama went over to their table to ask how things were going, Rosie asked Casey to speak. He then said, "It's all a bit overwhelming when you come back. We've got a date on Tuesday, so just looking forward to that."

Maya then joked that she thought he was about to say the couple had called things off, to which Casey replied, "No, no, no. We wanted to spend some quality time with friends and family. There's a lot of pressure that people see us as a couple and in a relationship, and we're just not at that stage yet."

It's fair to say, fans found the whole thing quite awkward. "THE SILENCE FROM CASEY AND ROSIE WHEN MAYA ASKED THE QUESTION I CAN'TTT WITH THEM #loveisland," one person said, while another put, "I expect a Casey and Rosie breakup announcement in the next couple of days #loveisland."

Someone else put, "OMG that was so awkward between Rosie and Casey... They've been back in the UK for a while now, surely they should have gone on at least one date by now???!"

We're saying nothing.

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