There's A Hint About 'LIB's Lydia And Milton's Future In The New Trailer 👀

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Are 'LIB's Lydia And Milton Still Together?Netflix

This season's pod squad is officially back and, somehow, more dramatic than ever. Yup. Seven brand new episodes of Love Is Blind Season 5 dropped on Netflix this month (with more in store next Friday), and so much has already gone down. Now that the couples are out in the real world trying their new fiancés on for size, fans are dying to know what happens next.

Over its first four seasons, Netflix’s Love Is Blind built up quite the cult following thanks to its one-of-a-kind “dating experiment.” The reality show asks singles to date each other in "pods"—leading to (hopefully) getting engaged—without ever laying eyes on each other.

This time around, the show is set in Houston, Texas, and it’s once again hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. While only seven episodes have dropped so far, it's already total mayhem, complete with break-ups, engagements, and one set of exes from the real world.

One couple getting early buzz is Lydia and Milton, a couple whose love story is a little more complicated than some of the others. So, who are Lydia and Milton, and are they still together after the pods? Here’s what you need to know.

**Warning! Spoilers ahead. Stop reading now if you don't want to know what goes down during season 5.

Who is Lydia?

Lydia is a fiery, 32-year-old geologist (she was 30 during filming) who grew up in Puerto Rico. She got her bachelor's and master's degree there before coming to the US.

Lydia says in her Netflix bio that she feels she’s now “emotionally mature enough to be married.” She also said that she has “zero patience” for men who can’t communicate, and she wants someone who is transparent and equally emotionally mature.

Lydia’s Instagram posts mostly feature shots of her wearing a swimsuit or posing in cool dresses.

Another important fact: Lydia makes it very, very clear that she has a strong personality, she's loud, and she's proud, and she's never going to change that for a man. While she's struggled to find love in the past, she's convinced she will find someone who accepts her just as she is. At one point, she says her accent can make it hard for people to understand her, but the right guy would take it all in stride.

Who is Milton?

Milton is a 25-year-old petroleum engineer who is (unsurprisingly) the youngest guy in the pods.

He says in his Netflix bio that he’s usually drawn to women who are older than him, and he’s turned off by people who have “no ambition.” Milton is hoping “not to repeat mistakes from past relationships, as he has a tendency to self sabotage and never let people inside,” his bio reads.

His Instagrams show a lot of shots from his travels:

What happens in the pods?

So far, things have been a little complicated between these two in the pods. Initially, Lydia forms an early connection with fellow contestant Izzy, and the two bond over a shared Latin heritage and their Spanish language. But he ends up breaking things off after feeling like she’s *way* more into him than he is into her.

Obviously, this really upsets Lydia, and she spends a decent amount of time crying and mourning that relationship.

Lydia eventually finds her way to Milton; the two had met earlier in the experiment and bonded over geology and their love of science and... rocks. Still, it’s clear they’re pretty different—she’s loud and emotional, and he’s quiet and calm, for starters.

It’s hard to tell if Milton is actually Lydia's number one contestant, or if he's the only guy left there, but either way, things still get pretty serious.

What happened with Uche and Lydia?

To make things more complicated, viewers learn that Uche, another guy in the pods, actually used to date Lydia in the real world, and things aren’t exactly rosy between them. Both Uche and Lydia end up having to tell their pod matches about the 'ship and it definitely causes some issues.

Here's the deal: Uche and Lydia met in 2020 and had an off and on again relationship for a while. They also slept together as recently as January 2022 before filming the show.

Initially, Lydia sees meeting Uche again on the show as a sign, but Uche cuts things off—wanting to finish the experience in the most authentic way possible, per Entertainment Weekly.

When Lydia tells Milton this new information, he says he needs a few minutes to collect himself, but eventually decides that it’s all in the past.

“I felt like we did a good job of coming to a resolution,” Milton tells Women’s Health ahead of the premiere when reflecting on the moment. “I think once we opened up a little bit more, and we begin to express where we're coming from and we kind of navigate the different nuances of our personalities and how they mix together that we were able to conclude that successfully.”

Do they get engaged?

Yes! These two do end up getting engaged at the end of episode 4. They're the last pair to couple up, and it definitely seemed a little dicey there for a minute. Lydia has been telling Milton she wants to marry him, but he seems a bit uncertain. Milton also gets a bit of cold feet before proposing, and the other men can tell that he’s might not be totally ready to get engaged.

Still, he ends up popping the question, and Lydia very happily says yes.

Milton told Entertainment Weekly that the couple was able to make it past the Uche stuff pretty easily. "It truly wasn't even a bump to me and I think it went well," Milton said of his time with Lydia in the pods.

Lydia's family is a little skeptical.

So far, the couple has only met Lydia's parents, and her mom and brother definitely seem psyched about the idea that Lydia has finally found her man. They mostly just worry about the age difference between them, and ask Milton when he might be ready to have kids.

Up next? Meeting the Johnsons. Stay tuned for more details on how ~that~ goes down.

Are they still together?

It's not clear yet if they actually say "I do" at the altar. It definitely looks like the couple will at least make it to the altar, based on preview clips of upcoming episodes, per Entertainment Tonight.

That said, neither one follows each other on Instagram, but all the other couples do. And Milton only offered up this information to WH: “It would be best if you wait and see because that's where you'll get the full picture. You can get it all fleshed out all at once.”

Fear not! There are more clues to parse through. In August, Milton liked one of Lydia's friends' photos that was wishing her a happy birthday in August, per ET, so that could mean something. Overall, it's unclear. You'll have to keep watching this season to find out!

While you wait for more episodes to drop, you can rewatch previous seasons on Netflix. Happy pod-squading!

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