Love Is Blind Season 6: Are Laura Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski Still Together?


For this Love Is Blind couple, being a part of a love triangle was only the beginning of the drama.

Laura Dadisman and Jeramey Lutinski weathered quite the journey together on Love Is Blind season 6 but ultimately ended their engagement with an explosive breakup conversation in episode 11. However, this messiness is playing out both onscreen and in the tabloids, meaning this drama may continue to play out even after the season airs.

Here’s everything we know about the duo, including the couple’s backgrounds, how their journey unfolded, and where they are now.

Who are they?

Laura Dadisman, 34, is an account director who is ready to settle down after trying to find love via “every other avenue.” A true corporate girlie, she enjoys music festivals, according to her Netflix bio, and is also passionate about keeping a clean home.

Jeramey Lutinski, 32, works in intralogistics, which I don’t exactly understand, but I’m sure is great. According to his Netflix bio, he loves to work out and be physically active and is looking for a partner who enjoys that as well. She should also wear earplugs: He admits he is known for “snoring like a freight train,” saying on the show that he snores due to his sleep apnea. Noted!

What went down on the show?

You guessed it: This romance began with yet another love triangle (this is Love Is Blind, after all). In the pods Lutinski formed connections with both Dadisman and fellow contestant Sarah Ann, and went back and forth for a while trying to decide which of them he wanted to get more serious with.

Ultimately he decided his connection was stronger with Dadisman, and the couple got engaged and left the pods. All good now, right? Wrong.

Things seemed to start off okay, but then there was that weird bean-dip conversation (not the food, but don’t ask me to explain further). What it boiled down to was Dadisman told Lutinski a joke in private, he repeated it in public, and they both felt embarrassed and fought. But after a conversation, it seemed they worked through it.

Unfortunately the couple’s relationship only got rockier from there. Things came to a head in the end of episode 9, when Dadisman confronted Lutinski about staying out until 5 a.m. with none other than Sarah Ann. Dadisman asked Lutinski to be upfront about what had happened and tell the truth, but finally told him she knew he had been at Sarah Ann’s house.

The last thing Dadisman said before the episode ended was “I want out.” And things weren’t resolved by the reunion barbecue in episode 10, with the couple not on speaking terms and Dadisman not wearing her ring. When the couple finally sat down to talk, things got heated. Dadisman called Lutinski a “con artist,” and Lutinski told her he’d already packed her stuff.

“You’re not man enough for me, and you never have been,” Dadisman told him, before telling him to “kick rocks” with open-toed shoes. Damn, girl!

Lutinski responded by telling Sarah Ann things would have been different if he had chosen her, and the two hopped on Jet Skis together, in front of all the other pod members. So are these two together now? Yes, but we'll get to that in a minute.

In an interview with Vulture, Dadisman she thinks they could have worked through it if Lutinski had just been honest.

“People will make mistakes,” she said. “They will fuck up. They can say they’re going to handle themselves one way, and then shit happens. I get it. But the part that I couldn’t get past was the doubling down, tripling down on the lying.”

This drama, though, is both on and off screen. After the episode aired, social media posts showing a woman who claimed she and Lutinski had been engaged shortly before he headed into the pods began circulating. (The woman’s mom chimed in to back her up.)

Lutinski had to hop onto Instagram to address the drama, saying he never kept his previous engagement a secret, but it was over before he went on the show.


Did they get married on the show and are they still together?

We think we can safely say that is not going to happen. In fact, Lutinski is now with Sarah Ann. During the Love Is Blind reunion, he revealed that they’ve been dating for almost a year and now live together. It hasn’t been so happily ever after, though: Lutinski admitted the couple has had their “ups and downs” since reuniting and nearly broke up several times.

Dadisman, who joined the reunion remotely, called the two “disgusting.” So yeah, Lutinski and Dadisman at least are never, ever getting back together.

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