'Love is Blind' Season 6 finale: When does the last episode come out?

With the final episode of Season 6 of Netflix's "Love is Blind" inching closer, all bets are off.

Who will make it to the altar? Which couple is going to call it quits? Lots of questions remain, many of which will be answered in the upcoming finale episode dropping Wednesday.

"Love is Blind" centers around singles, who sign up for a "less conventional approach to modern dating," as they choose someone to marry without ever seeing them, as per Netflix.

Every season, a new group of hopeful singles enter the pods looking for their better halves and "cut through the static of modern dating and forge authentic relationships, sight unseen," Netflix says.

Over the course of the show, newly engaged couples move in together, plan their wedding and "find out if their physical connection matches their strong emotion bond developed in the pods."

Here's what to know about Season 6 of "Love Is Blind," and when the final episode will be airing.

Which couples heard wedding bells? 'Love is Blind' season finale recap

When is 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 finale?

The final episode of "Love is Blind" Season 6 will drop on Netflix on March 6 at 3 a.m. EST / 12 a.m. PST, which is usually the time the streaming service releases its new content.

Season 6 of the reality dating show premiered on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, with new episodes releasing weekly on Wednesday.

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AD (left), Chelsea, Laura and Amy on Season 6 of "Love is Blind."
AD (left), Chelsea, Laura and Amy on Season 6 of "Love is Blind."

Which couples are still together in 'Love is Blind' Season 6?

Five couples got engaged after meeting in the pods, with three of them still together in the latest episode that aired on Feb. 28. The three couples who are still together are Amber Desiree “AD” and Clay, Chelsea and Jimmy, and Amy and Johnny.

As for the other two couples, Laura and Jeramey, broke up in Episode 11 following a love triangle and an explosive fight, while Brittany and Kenneth, split during Episode 8.

Where does 'Love Is Blind' Season 6 take place?

Season 6 of "Love is Blind" is set in Charlotte, North Carolina. Previously, Season 5 of the show was set in Houston, Season 4 in Seattle and Season 3 in Dallas.

Who are the hosts of 'Love Is Blind'?

The show is hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey.

'Love is Blind' Season 6 cast

Thirty eligible singles aged between 25 and 37 were part of "Love is Blind" Season 6's "pod squad".

Here's a list of everyone who participated this season, including age and profession:

  • Brittany, 25: Senior client partner

  • Alejandra, 28: Financial consultant

  • Amber Desiree “AD," 33: Real estate broker

  • Mackenzie, 25: Makeup artist

  • Amy C, 34: PR director

  • Sarah Ann, 30: Customer support manager

  • Danette, 33: Flight attendant

  • Sunni, 34: Business analyst

  • Laura, 34: Account director

  • Jessica, 29: Executive assistant

  • Danielle, 30: Corporate comms

  • Chelsea, 31: Flight attendant and event planner

  • Amy, 28: E-commerce specialist

  • Amber, 31: Medical device sales

  • Ashley, 32: Nurse practitioner

  • Matthew, 37: Senior financial advisor

  • Kenneth, 26: Middle school principal

  • Austin, 27: Software sales

  • Jamal, 32: Store director

  • Jimmy, 28: Software sales

  • Vince, 35: Lawyer

  • Clay, 31: Enterprise sales / entrepreneur

  • Nolan, 31: Management consultant

  • Trevor, 31: Project manager

  • Drake, 32: Video producer

  • Ariel, 32: Mortgage broker

  • Jeramey, 32: Intralogistics

  • Deion, 27: Software sales

  • Ben, 34: Cloud solutions architect

  • Johnny, 28: Account executive

'Love Is Blind' Season 6 trailer

Netflix dropped the official teaser for Season 6 on Jan. 23.

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