“Love Is Blind”'s Johnny debunks why he was filmed with Jess, and not Amy, in an airport

"Producers, cast, and everyone else really didn't want us to be seen in the airport together because that might be a spoiler," he tells EW.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Love Is Blind season 6 finale.

In addition to being the only Love Is Blind season 6 couple to get married, Johnny McIntyre and Amy Cortés also cemented their place in history as one of reality TV's least problematic relationships. Aside from some questionable discussions about birth control (and a severe lack of the word "condom" in every single one of those conversations), these two weren't involved in any of the drama you normally see on this show.

But that all changed in the last two weeks when a video went viral on social media showing Johnny walking through Los Angeles International Airport with season 6 cast member Jess Vestal. While it was obvious that the two were visiting L.A. to film the reunion, the fact that they were spotted traveling together (and Amy was nowhere in sight) had fans speculating that Johnny and Amy didn't get married, and that Johnny and Jess could be an item.

<p>Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix</p> Amy and Johnny

Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix

Amy and Johnny

That theory was partially debunked when the finale came out last week, revealing Johnny and Amy happily said "I do" at the altar. And now Johnny is finally able to debunk the other half of the speculation by telling EW that not only are they still happily married almost a year later, but also explaining why he was seen with Jess and not Amy.

"It was leaving the reunion, going back [home], and the producers, cast, and everyone else really didn't want us to be seen in the airport together because that might be a spoiler of, 'They got married, and they're still together right now,'" Johnny says. "So they put us on different flights. I didn't know who was on my flight until I saw Jess at security, and I was like, 'Oh, cool, friendly face. We can have lunch. We can talk, we can actually hang out.' That's really the extent of it."

It wasn't until Johnny and Jess realized they were being recognized by fans in the airport that they decided to split up again. "We got noticed by six or seven people there who asked to take pictures with us, and then we're like, 'Maybe we shouldn't be together right now. It might not be the best look,'" Johnny says. "We decided, 'Why don't you just stay here, I'll kind of go over there and we'll just keep a little bit of space between the two of us so we don't attract the wrong attention.' And of course, as we're walking through the airport, we [are recorded on] the video that gets sent to TMZ. That's always a lot of fun."

Amy adds that the video and resulting speculation didn't cause any harm to their relationship, aside from exciting some dedicated fans. "We love Jess," she tells EW. "At the end of the day, we're all family. It was just one of those things — I had a flight with Clay, and it could have been the same exact outcome. We're just all friends."

The Love Is Blind season 6 reunion is now streaming on Netflix.

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