Loukoumades Are The Honey-Soaked, Greek Take On Donuts

Loukoumades topped with chopped walnuts
Loukoumades topped with chopped walnuts - Phips69/Getty Images

You might think American-style donuts are supreme, but have you ever tried loukoumades? If not, you're missing out. These Greek versions of donuts are bite-sized, fried balls of dough that are doused in honey and are typically considered a celebratory treat served during the holidays and at weddings. There are several variations with different toppings, but chopped walnuts and ground cinnamon are the most common.

The origins of loukoumades date back to the first Olympics in Ancient Greece when they were given to winners as rewards. Back then, they were referred to as honey tokens. That means they've been a part of Greek history for more than 2,000 years. Since then, they have become a popular street food in cities across Greece like Athens and they have also spread out to other countries like Turkey (where they are known as lokmas), Italy, and Egypt.

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Loukoumades Vs. Donuts

Loukoumades sprinkled with crushed pistachios
Loukoumades sprinkled with crushed pistachios - Komedya/Getty Images

Unlike the torus-shaped donuts you're probably used to indulging in, loukoumades are similar to donut holes. But they still feature a type of yeasty dough with all-purpose flour and sugar. They're deep-fried to perfection, giving the pastries a brown outside and fluffy inside. After loukoumades are fried, they're traditionally soaked in honey, instead of being glazed like a donut, and can also be drizzled with Nutella or chocolate and topped with chopped nuts, sesame seeds, or pistachios.

If you find yourself in Greece, you can try loukoumades at bakeries, coffee shops, and street vendors. You'll also find these pastries at bakeries and restaurants around the world in places with thriving Greek communities, like Queens, New York, for example. But if you don't have an authentic Greek establishment nearby, loukoumades aren't too difficult to make, requiring just a few common items like honey, cinnamon, and chopped walnuts, as well as the usual baking ingredients like water, milk, dry yeast, all-purpose flour, sugar, and oil for frying.

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