Louisiana Tech's Brevin Randle stomps on UTEP player's head/neck, somehow avoids penalty

The CBS Sports cameras caught what the Conference USA officials couldn't in UTEP's game against Louisiana Tech on Friday night at the Sun Bowl: Bulldogs' linebacker Brevin Randle egregiously stomping on the head/neck of UTEP offensive lineman Steven Hubbard.

It happened during a pileup as players were chasing a fumble from Miners quarterback Jake McNamara. Randle got up off the ground before Hubbard, partly because he pushed him down by his head as leverage, then stomped on him in the head/neck area. Hubbard visibly writhed in pain after the play.

It was caught on camera, but an official on the spot was looking at the pile where the ball was and didn't see the stomp. UTEP coach Dana Dimel may have, but his screams for justice went unanswered and Louisiana Tech came away with the ball. He also might have been asking for a targeting call, which likewise wasn't called.

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This article originally appeared on El Paso Times: Louisiana Tech player stomps on UTEP player in college football game