Lotus's New Chapman Bespoke Service Lets You Order Completely Custom One-Off Cars

lotus chapman bespoke
Lotus Chapman Bespoke Offers One-Off Lotus DesignsLotus Cars

Lotus on Wednesday announced a new program that allows customers to customize their new cars.

The service, called Lotus Chapman Bespoke, has three levels of intensity: Tailor-made, Collection, and One-off. These program levels vary from special colors and badges to the complete design of a one-of-a-kind Lotus built to your specifications. The program will be rolled out first in China on April 25 and then to the rest of the world over the coming months.

Do you want your new Lotus Emira painted in the same color scheme as the Lotus 25 that Jim Clark drove to the 1963 Formula 1 World Championship? Or perhaps you prefer the black and gold John Player Special livery on the Lotus 72 that Emerson Fittipaldi piloted in his run to clinch the 1972 Formula 1 World Championship? Or maybe you just want one painted pink and purple with red wheels? The Lotus Chapman Bespoke program has you covered.

The Lotus Chapman Bespoke name honors Lotus founders Colin & Hazel Chapman who started the business in 1948.

“Together my parents shared an extraordinary adventure," said Clive Chapman, son of the founders and director of Classic Team Lotus. "Their dynamic personalities created innovative designs for the drivers to enjoy. Now the drivers can enjoy creating their own innovations with Lotus Chapman Bespoke.”

The first level of customization is the Tailor-made service. It offers customers a wider range of colors and designs to choose from and special touches like unique badges. The next level of customization is the Collection service. With this service level, customers can choose from a selection of limited-edition designs. The designs come from a collaboration between Lotus, artists, and other luxury brands. The most ambitious level of customization is the One-off service. This lets Lotus customers build unique one-off cars.

“Many of our customers are looking for a bespoke experience; be that color, texture, fabric, detail – and we are excited to see their individuality stamped on our cars around the world," said Ben Payne, Lotus Group's vice president of design.

Pricing for the various service levels in the Lotus Chapman Bespoke program has not been announced. However, don’t expect a one-off Lotus built for you to be inexpensive. The Paint to Sample Plus program for a Porsche 911 GT3 will run you $37,180. And that is just for paint. But if money is no object, and you want a one-of-one Lotus, you will soon have your chance.

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