Lottery winner wants to use big prize to go fishing. ‘I just like the simple life’

A lottery player who normally throws his tickets in a bucket can now take some bucket list trips, he told Maryland lottery officials.

The Clinton, Maryland, man just claimed a $50,000 prize from a Powerball drawing that happened July 22, officials said in a news release. His quick-pick ticket matched four of the five white balls and the red Powerball number.

He told officials he “got lucky with that one.”

The Prince George’s County resident said he wants to use his prize money to go fishing on a boat in the ocean and take a cruise to Puerto Rico.

He said he had never done either but thought they would be fun.

“I just like the simple life,” he told Maryland officials.

He claimed his prize on Aug. 18, nearly a month after the drawing. He also wasn’t sure where he had bought the ticket at first, according to officials. The ticket came from a liquor story in Clinton.

The nearly 70-year-old told officials his “general practice is to buy tickets, toss them in a bucket and check them later.”

His Powerball win was a third-tier prize.

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