Lose your phone service? Nearly 20,000 Georgia Verizon users report data outages

Verizon users across Georgia and Alabama reported data outages and phones not working suddenly Tuesday afternoon.

The reports started coming in at about 4 p.m., with many taking to the internet to voice frustrations. One website that features a forum to report loss of service saw nearly 20,000 reports from cities across Georgia ranging from Athens to Marietta.

Some in Macon and Columbus lost phone service, though a few phones were back up and running at about 4:30 p.m. One user on the website reported their phone service in Warner Robins returning about the same time.

Verizon’s official support account on X did not make a standalone post about the outage, but did respond to some accounts from Georgia complaining about service outages. Verizon asked users to DM them about the outages.

Users can also report outages on Verizon’s website. It was unclear what caused the outage in service or how far the impacts might have reached.