Loro Piana Weaves Denim with Cashmere for Its Most Luxurious Staple Pieces Yet

In Loro Piana’s latest artisanal venture, the Italian fashion house joins denim experts in Japan to innovate a rare CashDenim material that comes tailored into two Fall/Winter 2022 garments.

Combining Loro Piana’s fine cashmere production with the renowned technical practices of the Bingo region’s denim industry, the new indigo-tinted fabric epitomizes luxury and traditional craftsmanship. It comes into fruition through 60% denim and 40% cashmere slowly woven together with vintage looms – making just 50 meters in one day.

Arriving in the brand’s new FW22 collection, the soft-touch twill is crafted into a pair of denim trousers and a jacket. Each piece adopts a classic silhouette with utility-style elements, adding to its timeless look and functional properties. Like every luxury garment, the CashDenim pieces are designed to be a wardrobe staple, intended to be enjoyed and passed on through the generations.

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