Lori Harvey Shares Her Mid-Luxury Skincare Routine on TikTok

·1 min read

Lately, celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber have been taking to our Instagram and TikTok feeds to show off their skincare routines, and admittedly we've been taking notes. To our surprise, the latest A-lister to hit our social feeds to give us a peek into her standard ritual is the glass skin queen, Lori Harvey.

The beauty entrepreneur posted her daily hair, skincare and lip routine on TikTok, giving eager viewers access to a listing of customized products she uses along the way. While Harvey plugged her namesake brand SKN by LH, she also maintains an attainable mix of high-end and affordable products from brands like Oribe and Hailey Bieber's Rhode Skin.

We made sure to take a mental and physical notes of the products used in Harvey's clips to add to our shopping carts. If you'd like to follow suit, we've included Lori Harvey's full TikTok video below.

@loriharvey My first voiceover was a little shakey but I’m gonna get the hang of it ? Sidenote: I normally use sunscreen too but I stayed home today ? #grwm #skincare #haircare #lipcare #skincareroutine #fyp ♬ original sound - loriharvey