It looks like JaVale McGee might have a future selling cars

(Warriors YouTube screenshot)

While the Golden State Warriors have struggled to find consistent playing time for JaVale McGee this season, it appears they’ve finally found a suitable trade partner for the charismatic utility man.

The local KIA dealership.

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Yers, that’s McGee trying to sell Sorentos and Sportages to unsuspecting car buyers.

It looks like he’s actually pretty good at it, too!

Among the highlights:  McGee poking fun at coach Steve Kerr for being in one of his “moods,” referencing his old alter ego “Pierre” when he meets a customer by the same name and demonstrating that a surfboard could fit in the back of a Sportage by crawling in and unfolding his 7-foot frame.

There’s no doubt there are other NBA franchises that can better put McGee’s talents to use in the second half of the season than the Warriors can right now.

When that happens, it looks like he’ll be bringing a nice side hustle with him.

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