A semitruck blew a tire on a Florida highway, then struck a car. See the damage

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Brevard County Fire Rescue

A horrifying accident occurred on a Florida highway in West Melbourne on Thursday afternoon.

A post on the Brevard County Fire Rescue’s Facebook page shows pictures of the devastating crash on Interstate 95 North, which miraculously didn’t kill or seriously injure anyone.

The agency reports that a tractor-trailer blew a tire pulling onto median guardrail, and took another car a dark blue Nissan sedan — right along with it.

The two vehicles came to rest in the median, with the Nissan completely pinned between the trailer and the other guardrail, on I-95’s south side. The windshield is completely shattered; part of the truck’s bed sliced straight through the passenger side.

Two occupants were transported to a local hospital with “minor injuries,” said the post. “No other hazards were reported.”

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Commenters couldn’t believe that nothing worse had happened with all that damage. Others voiced how being sideswiped by a large truck is one of their biggest fears on the road. A few took a more spiritual approach, saying the people in the sedan must have had “guardian angels.”

“I can’t imagine how scary this must have been.”


“God had His hand on this for sure!”

“This is why I never cruise next to a semi. Pass them quickly.”

“This looks bad.”

“Holy crap were the people in that car lucky!”

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