Be on the lookout for a 3-foot-tall ice cream cone, deputies tell one Florida county

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Pinellas County Sheriff's Office photo

A 3-foot-tall vanilla ice cream cone has gone missing in Madeira Beach on Florida’s Gulf Coast, and people can’t stop talking about who took it and what could be their nefarious intent.

The fiberglass display was a landmark of sorts, prominently displayed at The Sand Bar, an ice cream shop in Madeira Beach, just northwest of downtown St. Petersburg.

It disappeared May 1, but locals didn’t realize a crime took place until the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office posted an alert “seeking the public’s assistance with locating a stolen ice cream cone display.”

A detective has been assigned to the case, photos are circulating and there’s a phone line for tips.

Hundreds have reacted to the “cold case” on social media, with some offering theories, but many more making jokes.

“Please make a ‘wanted’ poster,” Makzie Reedus wrote.

“Three ft tall? Someone’s doing a good job hiding it,” Joanne Wike posted.

“You know things are getting bad when they steal fake ice cream,” Robbie Skarr said.

Several commenters noted the cone was “scooped” up around the same time as high school graduations, leading them to believe this is a senior prank. The theft occurred just days before another highly publicized senior prank in St. Johns County, Florida, where teens hung a dead bull shark from their high school’s rafters.

“I would look on the roofs of the high schools!” David E Betzing advised the sheriff’s office.

Others suggested the sheriff’s office start searching dorm rooms and frat houses.

“Maybe it was a part needed for a scavenger hunt?” Chris Herrin asked.

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