Looking For True Love? First, Find An Orange Peel

Professionals will tell you to be on the lookout for lots of green flags when it comes to romance. Patience? Check. Consistency? Double check.

But now, TikTokers have added another sign of true love to look out for ― and it involves orange peel.

If you’re not familiar yet, the orange peel theory “is pretty much how it sounds,” TikToker @neanotmia explains.

“You may really like eating an orange, but some people find peeling the orange to be an unpleasant task,” they shared (*nods in long nails*.)

So, you might ask someone ― your partner, a friend, a family member ― to peel it for you. And how they react can indicate where your relationship stands, some TikTokers think.

How? It’s just an orange

Well, that’s sort of the point ― it’s all about how your loved ones respond to the tiny, everyday problems we all encounter.

“The possible reactions are, ‘no, you can peel the orange yourself,’ or ‘(scoff) fine, like, you’re welcome,’ or ‘I’d be happy to peel your orange for you, no problem,’” the TikToker continued.

“Or maybe they proactively peel the orange for you because they already know that’s a task you don’t like to do.”

She then points out that you, yourself, might be bewildered by such a request, wondering why the person asking for your help can’t handle such a seemingly small deal.

But, as she says, “it’s not literally about the peeling orange ― they’re asking you for a small favour to see your reaction, to see if later, they can ask you for bigger favours.”

It’s about how you make each other feel when you’re in need, @neanotmia says. “It may be baby steps to building that trust.”

Some app users called a woman who went viral for sharing that her boyfriend brought home egg whites after learning she hated separating them for her baking a prime example of the theory.

In short, it’s all about making your partner’s life a little easier, and anticipating your needs when you can ― be it egg whites or orange peels. Aww.