Look: Daniel Neeson honors mom Natasha Richardson 15 years after her death

Daniel Neeson paid tribute to his mom, Natasha Richardson (pictured in 2007), on the 15th anniversary of her death. File Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/UPI

March 19 (UPI) -- Natasha Richardson's son Daniel Neeson is honoring the actress 15 years after her death.

Neeson, the younger son of Richardson and actor Liam Neeson, paid tribute to his late mom Monday on the 15th anniversary of her death.

Richardson, an actress known for The Handmaid's Tale (1990), Nell and The Parent Trap (1998), died at age 45 in March 2009 following a skiing accident.

In a post on Instagram, Neeson, the co-founder of De-Nada tequila, remembered his mom as "the OG margarita mama."

"15 years since you've left this plane onto forever more. I look forward to reuniting one day but for now I take solace in knowing you're beside me every step of the way," Neeson wrote. "Hopefully, I'm making you proud. I think you would definitely be proud of my margarita skills."

"She was the OG margarita mama!" he added. "As a kid, I used to ask her for a sip of hers, and she would gently say not till you're older. Little did she know I would one day start my own tequila brand and have way too many margaritas as my finger tips."

Neeson then reflected on how he and Richardson remain interconnected through love.

"My aunt, @joelyrichardsoninsta who always brightens my day, said to me this week that we sometimes forget that we're on an ever spinning planet. Change is inevitable, and we must embrace it with open arms," Neeson said.

"If you're a believer or not in quantum physics, the past, future and present coexist," he added. "We're all interconnected here and over there through love. The greatest life force. choose it above all else."

Joely Richardson, Richardson's sister and Neeson's aunt, showed her support in the comments.

"Dan, beautiful. Photo absolute essence of your Ma. She'd be SO PROUD in every WAY - beyond any expectation x," she wrote.

Joely Richardson also paid tribute to Richardson by showing "the fun mischievous side of Tash" with a photo of the actress with actor Ethan Hawke.

"Richard Eyre said her memorial 'it's so hard to understand why she's suddenly gone because she was the most Alive person I'd ever met,'" she captioned the post. "Tash was a great celebrator of other people's achievements - got so excited and happy for them - had mini Oscar made for Ethan when he got nominated."

Richardson starred with Lindsay Lohan, Dennis Quaid, Elaine Hendrix and Lisa Ann Walter in The Parent Trap, which opened in July 1998. Walter said Monday on Good Morning America that she's open to a Parent Trap reunion with Lohan.