A look back at Hillary Clinton's interviews with alleged sexual predators

On Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, the host took a look back at Hillary Clinton's campaign for presidency and some of the journalists she encountered along the way, namely the ones who have been accused of sexually predatory behavior. Bee pointed out that journalist and author Mark Halperin, has been accused by five women of sexual harassment and ironically found Clinton to be "aggressive" during her campaign for presidency.

Bee also noted that Matt Lauer, who had to step down from NBC's Today show had to step down after multiple accusations of sexual harassment, was prone to constantly interrupting Clinton when he moderated the 2016 presidential debates.

Charlie Rose, who has been accused by eight women of groping and lewd conduct, interviewed Clinton and was particularly interested in Clinton's emails despite the lack of evidence of hacking.

And while the media has been accused of treating Clinton unfairly during her bid for the presidency, Bee seemed to think that might have affected the 2016 outcome, saying, "We'll never know how much these pubes affected the election but what we do know that their industry gave us four times more coverage of Hillary's email scandal than they did of Trump's gross behavior with women. To be fair, they were probably typing it with one hand."